性别意识周 (GAW) has become an integral part of the university’s strategy of promoting diversity 和 inclusivity among students, 韦德app的员工和其他利益相关者. 的活动, sessions 和 presentations that take place fosters an awareness of, 和 engages with issues concerning 性别 和 identity in diverse contexts. 今年的GAW将从 2022年8月8 - 12日 和 the proposed theme is 性别 as expressed through the Arts. 好几年了, 跨学科的教学方法, 和研究, have advanced holistic practices 和 aided in the dissemination of knowledge. Staff 和 students from all faculties 和 disciplines are encouraged to think of creative, 以创新的方式在他们自己的领域中参与性别问题, 从音乐中汲取灵感, 视觉艺术, 文学, 体系结构, 哲学和更大的艺术界.

“创造性思维能激发想法. 想法激发改变.“芭芭拉Januszkiewicz



2022年8月8 - 12日




韦德app Symphony Orchestra will perform a work by Florence Price on 20 August 2022 as an extension of the 性别意识周 program. 他们还会写一篇关于弗洛伦斯·普莱斯的文章.


韦德app PUK-Choir will launch two new music videos to highlight female composers. 视频中还会附有作曲家的简介. The works are “Sing My Child” 和 “Stomp on The Fire” by Sarah Quartel 和 Andrea Ramsey.  


的地方: 韦德app Libraries (Potchefstroom, Vaal 和 Mahikeng Campuses)


The availability of vocabulary to describe or talk about 性别, 除了韦德以外的其他语言, poses an interesting opportunity for a multilingual country like South Africa. 产生性别术语的可能性, 尤其是社区成员的意见, 是非常重要的. Two Digital 人文学科 researchers from the South African Centre for Digital Languages Resources (SADiLaR), 德翁·杜·普莱西和贝尼托·特罗利普, 过去几年一直在探索这种可能性吗. As part of 性别意识周 2022 they are collaborating with the 韦德app 学校的骄傲 Society to showcase some of the terminology that has been developed by different people or organisations for some of the South African languages, 还有术语上的空白. 韦德app通过电子邮件与他们联系 迪翁•.duplessis@sunshinevalleyhk.com贝尼托.trollip@sunshinevalleyhk.com.


The purpose of these two initiatives presented by the Faculty of 工程 is to change 性别 stereotypes through role models 和 other activities, 和 open STEM-careers to school learners who identifies as female. Modiragatse在GAW之前运行,于2022年8月9日结束. 阅读更多:





主题: 韦德app走在彩虹谈 

Time: 10:00-13:00

  • Painting of zebra crossings in front of G16 (Potchefstroom Campus).
  • 大会堂图书馆(马坑校区)
  • 库(V和erbijlpark校区)
  • Exhibiting photo comic pics (visual art) in print in foyer area G20 (Potchefstroom Campus)



时间: 09:00-15:00

主题: 和谐促进健康

  • 印刷中的照片漫画图片展览 in the foyer area G20 (Potchefstroom Campus)
  • 大会堂图书馆(马坑校区)
  • 库(瓦尔河校区)


聚会地点: Potchefstroom校区K1栋温室大厅
Time: 16:00

康罗伊教授Cupido briefly highlights how director 和 producer, 史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格, uses 性别 to expresses various themes in the movie West Side Story released in 2021. 之后将放映这部电影. 会议将为与会者提供茶点. Although the screening is free, please RSVP using the following link to confirm attendance.





时间: 09:00-15:00

主题: 和谐促进健康

  • 印刷中的照片漫画图片展览 in the foyer area G20 (Potchefstroom Campus)
  • 大会堂图书馆(马坑校区)
  • 库(V和erbijlpark校区)



Time: 13:00-14:00

聚会地点: Wasgoedpennetjie 车道,Potchefstroom

Stalls for students to interact with 和 bringing attention to 性别 Awareness issues.



Time: 11:00 – 12:30

聚会地点: Faculty of 神学 (Potchefstroom), Room 204 in Building K23

We intend to read 和 discuss a relevant passage from Scripture (such as one of the texts dealing with 性别ed violence), 和 then let attendees create artwork in small groups based on their underst和ing 和 feelings about the text, afterwards sharing 和 explaining the motivation for their creations with the larger group 和 then having a concluding discussion, 尤其是作品所提出的主题.



Time: 13:00


  • Invited performer: Prof Christian Bester (Northeastern State University, Oklahoma US)
  • 钢琴家:Tinus Botha教授
  • 号手:J和ré Lubbe

The purpose of this lecture recital is to provide an overview of selected LGBTQ+ classical vocal 文学, with a special emphasis on Hubert du Plessis’ seminal song cycle, Vreemde Liefde, 并为进一步勘探提供资源. LGBTQ+群体面临着独特的挑战, Prof Bester not only hopes to increase awareness of this body of 文学, 同时也要为学生提供与之相关的文学作品, 一起成长, 并受到.




Journal of Singing; Jacksonville Vol. 77年,国际空间站. 5、(2021年5月/ 6月):619-632.

http://www.proquest.com/docview/2524409876?accountid=12865 (access for 韦德app students 和 staff with your credentials through the University’s database)




提出的: Potchefstroom鳞状细胞癌

地点: 阶梯教室(Potchefstroom校园)


  • 17:00:开放韦德app
  • 17:15:第一位演讲者(异性恋女性)
  • 17:30:第二位发言人(异性恋男性)
  • 17:45: blackknotes /小夜曲/Divaco的表演
  • 18:00 - 18:45 lgbtqi
    • 1. X和er弗莱明先生
    • 2. Grizannie van Wyk
    • 3. 学校的骄傲
  • 18:45: blackknotes /小夜曲/Divaco的演出
  • 下午:种族 & 性别 & 残疾(社会学)
  • 19:30:感谢赞助商
  • 19:35:关闭



时间: 09:00-15:00

主题: 和谐促进健康


  • G20大厦大堂区域(Potchefstroom校区)
  • 大会堂图书馆(马坑校区)
  • 库(V和erbijlpark校区)


Seminar: Claiming space for queer bodies in our churches – A journey

聚会地点: Potchefstroom校区F20栋G50室

Time: 11:00

韦德app: 先生Ricus Stroh

发言人: 劳里先生Gaum

While most religions traditionally are male-structured asking you to ‘check in’ your body & 性 at the door to the place of worship, this goes against the core values of many faiths. 劳里讲述了自己的故事, 基督教信仰的根源, 和 how you can be supported to come out powerfully everywhere you are, 也让信仰空间变得更安全, 韦德app并包容所有人.


Seminar: The contribution of South African Queer women to the development of “Gayle”


Time: 12:00


This research aims to fill a long-existing gap in the Afrikaans queer-identifying women 和 non-binary individual's specific way of “queering” language as an expression of their identity 和 lived experiences. 在这个焦点, language is described as a tool used by these queer individuals to construct their 性别 和 sexual identity 和 expression outside of the heteronormative expectations of society. The collection of the specific terms 和 phrases used will aid in answering the question of “how identity is signaled by the LGBTQIA+ speech community through language?”. This research provides needed exposure to a different way of using the language outside the ‘normative frameworks’ within the Afrikaans speech community. 此外, 朱迪思·巴特勒提出的"表演性"的概念, 也会被用来支持像性别一样的概念吗, expected language use based on an individual’s biological sex is a construction of what society accepts as the “normative”. 因此, this discussion will emphasise how queer women 和 non-binary individuals use language freely from social constructs to signal their identity. 在语言的社会语言学观点中, 性别, 和性, linguistical data will be collected on what terms 和 phrases are used by this community 和 what is meant by these words within the context of the South African LGBTQIA+ community.


Seminar: Men, masculinity 和 patriarchal lies: a lecture in memory of Eudy Simelane

聚会地点: V和erbijlpark校区(D1栋,G03“会所”)

Time: 13:00

韦德app: 先生Ricus Stroh

邀请演讲者: Zethu Matebeni教授(Fort Hare大学), SARChI性研究主席, 性别与酷儿研究

This seminar conversation follows a provocative video lecture which pays homage to black lesbian soccer player, Eudy Simelane(1977年3月11日- 2008年4月28日). 在这场激烈的对话中, Prof Zethu Matebeni interrogates the role of black men in society, offers a crucial critique of masculinity 和 the patriarchal lies that dominate how men see themselves 和 their relationships to others. 通过酷儿分析, this lecture suggests that South Africa has been halted by a resistance to imagine a queer radical 和 liberatory politics.



Time: 14:00-15:00


We want to focus on depictions of female figures in the Bible in art 和 the implications thereof; previous discussions have been on, 例如, the juxtaposition of Eve 和 Mary in art 和 how they have been perceived in the Church throughout history 和 in the present. 这将采取更开放的讨论形式, 尽管它会被领导, 和 some themes raised (such as Eve 和 Mary in doctrinal reflection on sin).



日期: 2022年8月11日至9月2日


Time: 16:00

女权主义丫莽, 女权主义Yethu, Feminism Yani is the visual exploration on how we define womanhood, 性, age 和 feminism; key themes that come with such an engagement; 和 the ways in which notions on 性别 和 queerness can redefine our underst和ings.  通过参与这种复杂性, the exhibition aims to celebrate the diversity of knowledge that contributes to our regional experience of Feminisms. We acknowledge that this notion is not static 和 is constantly being challenged by a myriad of lived experiences.

The exhibition reflects the diversity of experiences 和 expressions in being woman in spaces such as those represented in this installation. 韦德官网 of Empty’s 和 Saloon explores the way in which woman engage with 和 exist within these realities. The installation texts particularly focus on some of the words, emotions 和 memories associated with the spaces 和 interrogates what this means in a local context.

女权主义丫莽, Yethu, 亚尼的作品由乔迪比伯, 艾米Ay和a, 特蕾莎修女Firmino, 海伦娜Uambembe, Kelly Johnson, Lulama Mlambo“狼”, Saaiqa, Santu Ramaisa, 贾布纽曼.




聚会地点: Potchefstroom校区韦德app画廊

Time: 18:00


Peter Glendinning教授(密歇根州立大学)

“Attached to the Soil is a collection of 50 photographic portraits conceived in partnership between Peter Glendinning 和 a number of South Africans of all

年龄和社会背景. 它讲述了这些人的故事, 捕捉他们的希望, 恐惧, 渴望和失望. It speaks of a people who are distinguished by their diversity, 他们来自不同的种族, 文化, 宗教和语言背景. All have been marked by the tragic history of racialized exploitation in this l和. 但所有这些都体现在它们的活动中, 野心和声音,这场悲剧如何没有创伤他们的灵魂. 他们都渴望成为一个国际化的社会, of an underst和ing that political community is established not by where its inhabitants come from,

but rather by their common intention to continue to belong to a community that resides in a specific geographical space”. 哈比卜

This event includes performances by the 韦德app African Music Ensemble, led by Dr Cara Stacey.



Time: 09:00-15:00



  • G20大厅区域(Potchefstroom Campus)
  • 大会堂图书馆(马坑校区)
  • 范德比尔公园的会场即将宣布



Time: 13:00-14:00

  • G16和G20大厦外(Potchefstroom)
  • 大会堂图书馆(马坑校区)
  • 库(瓦尔河校区)


Seminar: Claiming space for queer bodies in our churches – A journey

聚会地点: A1栋261室(麻海坑)

Time: 13:00

韦德app: Mr. 罗伯特uy

演讲者: Laurie Gaum先生

While most religions traditionally are male-structured asking you to ‘check in’ your body & 性 at the door to the place of worship, this goes against the core values of many faiths. 劳里讲述了自己的故事, 基督教信仰的根源, 和 how you can be supported to come out powerfully everywhere you are, 也让信仰空间变得更安全, 韦德app, 包括所有的.


Seminar: Acting with the posthuman body in the visual art of Christiaan Diedericks 和 the poetry of Andrew McMillan

聚会地点: Potchefstroom校区F20栋G50室

Time: 12:00


A background 和 introduction open the discussion on multiple becomings by the queering of the multiple ways in which traditional thinking 和 behaviour are experienced. Listeners can join the analysis 和 become participants by sharing their personal awareness 和 experience of how the artist 和 the poet present 和 depict their personal perspectives. Their views are the manifestation of traditional 和 oppressive thinking 和 behaviour in multiple becomings of both artist 和 viewer. The theoretical introduction to the discussion is informed by posthumanist philosophy.



聚会地点: Potchefstroom校区F20栋G50室

Time: 13:00

演讲者: Wemar Strydom

Research on rugby’s socio-文化 和 civil impact has grown exponentially over the last decade, with work appearing on how rugby coimbricates with xenophobia (Kelekay, 2019年)和爱国主义(克莱兰 & Parry, 2022), as well as with folkloric masculinity (Parry, Clel和 & Kavanagh, 2019), diasporic belonging (Hawkes, 2019), 和 reconciliation (Mthonti & Valela, 2016). 但是,正如Jaspir Puar和Amit S. Rai(2002)指出, civil-affective assemblages (of which we can take rugby to be exemplary in the South African imaginary) are near-always mediated, 和 as such it would be productive to consider how rugby - 和 its coimbrications detailed above - is represented in South African popular media. 在这个会话, Wemar Strydom博士提供了这样一个概述, with consideration of popular film (with a focus on Modder en Bloed, dir. 其他的肖恩, 2016), 性别ed expression awareness campaigns (the Jozi Cats’ 2010 poster drive), 文学小说(法妮·维尔琼的小说, 2014), 电视连续剧(Getroud遇到橄榄球), 2016年起).


  • 克莱兰德J. & 帕里,K.D. 2022. 公平? Indigenous Rugby League Players 和 the Racial Exclusion of the Australian National Anthem, 沟通 & 运动,10 (1),74 - 96
  • 霍克斯,克.L. 2019. Diasporic归属感, Masculine Identity 和 体育运动s: How rugby league affects the perceptions 和 practices, RMIT大学博士论文
  • Kelekay J.L. 2019. 《韦德官网》:谈判种族, 的地方, 以及非洲-芬兰嘻哈民族, 开放的文化研究, 3, 386-401
  • Mthonti F. & Valela N. 2016. “So over the rainbow, rugby 和 reconciliation”, The Conversation, 02 March
  • 帕里,K.D.克莱兰德,J. & Kavanagh E. 2019. Racial folklore, black masculinities 和 the reproduction of dominant racial
  • 意识形态:以Israel Folau为例, 体育社会学国际评论, 55(7), 850-867
  • Puar J.B. & 意大利广播电视公司,.S. 2002. 怪物. 恐怖分子, Fag: The War on Terrorism 和 the Production of Docile Patriots, 72年社会文本, 20(3), 117-148


Students st和 a chance of winning three prizes to the value of R3000 by entering the 性别意识周 2022 competition. Students can submit videos describing how they experience their 性别 identity 和 what 性别 identity means to them. 详见视频.